Flamingo Flower Dome Terrarium (Local Delivery Only)


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Dome Terrarium with mini Flamingo Flower.

This item is currently only available for local delivery in London. Please check your postcode at the checkout page. Eligible for FREE local delivery. 


Place your terrarium in a well lit, bright place. Never expose it to direct sunlight. Keep the soil moist (not soaking wet) during growing season, that's between spring and autumn. During autumn, place your terrarium in a colder place with less light to allow it to rest. That will allow your plant to produce more flower ls during growing season. 

If your plant's leaf tips are turning yellow, it's a sign of overwatering. And if they are brown, it's a sign of underwatering. 

Remove drying flowers as soon as possible to allow plant to give it's energy on producing new flowers during growing season. 

Toxic to pets and humans. Keep the lid closed to keep it safe. 


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