About Us

Found by two creatives in 2017, Deterra London specialises in handmade pottery, homeware and terrariums as well as air-plants and plants setups, all produced in East London.


Our aim is to turn small spaces into chic and relaxing environment.

These stylish and space saving products will not only change the feel in your space, but will also brighten your days. 

At Deterra London, we handcraft each of our concrete products by using the most sustainable ingredients. We use a special formula created by us over extensive research, trials and errors. That results in a smoother and brighter concrete tone that compliments any type of decor whether it be industrial, retro or contemporary decor. We have something to suite every taste of style.

Because each product handmade by us, each one will have their own characters and each will be unique, just like you. Expect pores and air bubbles which adds to the feature of the product.